When visiting Brisbane be sure to collect an i on Brisbane tourist guide to use as your constant travelling companion during your stay.

Use i on Brisbane’s colorful and comprehensive maps to guide you around the city and its shops; through fascinating suburbs—paradisical hubs of dining, entertainment and shopping; and to the many attractions, both created and natural, of Brisbane’s close coastal areas. It’s a discovery tour you won’t want to miss!

i on Brisbane introduces you to the vast cultural richness of Queensland’s capital city and to the tremendous diversity and texture of its entertainment, shopping, dining and attractions. Brisbane is a beautiful city with a temperate climate and warm, welcoming locals—and the very best the city has to offer can be accessed each month through tourist guide, i on Brisbane.

Presented in a unique and practical fold-out format that was designed specifically for the visitor market, i on Brisbane is a pocket-sized, monthly tourist guide that has been promoting the vibrancy and richness of the Brisbane experience to visitors since its inception in July 1998.

The publication strives to provide the widest cross-section of quality options for its readers, showcasing the cream of Brisbane’s attractions, events, products and services and updated each month to ensure accuracy and currentness.

With a minimum of between 34 and 36,000 copies printed each month, i on Brisbane has an extensive reach across the city and suburbs and can be obtained through a wide variety of outlets. These include all levels of accommodation throughout Brisbane, together with tourist information desks, car rental offices, airport and transport operators, international education facilities, convention centres, attractions, plus all other relevant points where visitors request Brisbane tourist information.

Over the coming weeks and months, this site’s development will see a comprehensive coverage of every aspect of living in and visiting Brisbane. From the energy and excitement of events and entertainment on offer, to the many products, services and facilities that make Brisbane such a thriving and exciting society, to the people that make this great city tick.

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